by Joel Heumann

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Original cover photo taken by Bralyn Stokes

Cover design by Donnie Hedden


released 18 September 2012

Vocals and Keys: Joel Heumann
Drums: Kyle May
Bass: Zach Witcher
Guitar: Reid Johnson
B3 (Blame It All on Me): Andrew Trask
Trumpet: Brendan Dorman
Sax: Wes Winfrey
Trombone: Josh Blaylock

"Blame It All On Me" written by Ricky Braddy, Arr. by Joel Heumann

Engineered by Brien Pafford
Mastered by Webster Tileston (T4 Audio Works)

©2012, Joel Heumann Music



all rights reserved


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Joel Heumann

All songs, unless otherwise noted, are written and arranged by Joel Heumann.

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Track Name: Dust Me Off

We were happy as can be,
Lovers in perfect harmony.
I shoulda known that it was too good to be true
You left me to dry
And oh, how I cried
But that’s the way it works, just spit in my face and then leave me, alone.

You were the one for me
But not after all the things you kept hidden from me
And now it’s so hard to believe
That when I talked about love,
I talked about us
You turned it to dust

I swallowed all of your lies,
I didn’t even think twice;
Who would’ve thought? Girl you had me fooled.
I could say you’ll rue the day,
But honey I just ain’t that way
So instead I’ll sing this song; Just don’t sing along

© 2012 Joel Heumann
Track Name: Can't Get Away

Anytime my eyes are open, well my mind is too
Exposed to every passing thought of you
In my head, there’s a movie playing round and round
Your voice is the timebomb ticking,
And I can’t stand the sound

Spend my days saying I’m ok, but I was just avoiding the truth;
I was waiting for your gaze, just to stare into your eyes; you were my escape,
I’m fine, I swear I’m fine, I don’t even know his name
But you still feel like today, no matter what I do
I just can’t get away

Just can’t get away

I walked down your street today, like I always do
I took my time, as these memories run through my
Mind, way back when you said you were
Mine forever;
How was I so blind?

Just can’t get away

And I’m facing the truth that I’m still missing you, girl you got me like no one before;
So I’ll stand here and try to get on with my life, but I can’t get away anymore.

© 2012 Joel Heumann
Track Name: Blame It All On Me

Falling in love just ain’t the same as falling out
I know that you’ve been hurt before and you’ve got doubts

If we’re getting in too deep
If this love seems out of reach
I don’t mind, you can blame it all on me

You say you need time to let your wounded heart heal
And I know it’s an uphill climb but words can’t describe the way that I feel

If we’re moving way too fast
If we’re headed for a crash
I don’t mind, you can blame it all on me

Love is a mystery I can’t explain
And whenever I hear your name
I think of all the empty years that I was without you
I only know one way to do this
One way of loving that exists
Sweetly, deeply
You know it’s completely

You can walk away or you can stay here forever
I know you’re bumped and bruised but think of all we have to lose together

So if we drift out of touch
If my love is much too much
It’s all my fault, blame it all on me
If we drift out of touch
If my love is much too much
It’s all my fault, blame it all on me

lyrics © 2010 Ricky Braddy
music © 2012 Joel Heumann